Our vision

If you choose Degomeat, you are choosing to prioritize the health of your pet. We all agree that fresh food is the best choice for ourselves, so it's easy to extend the same idea to our beloved pets.

This crucial message we want to spread with Degomeat is supported by scientific research that demonstrates clear health benefits of providing fresh food.

The strength of Degomeat lies in the specific choices that distinguish us from other brands: recipes based on fresh raw materials (not frozen) & production of a wide assortment in order to be a solution for all animals.

Dry pet food was invented for your convenience, not the health of dogs & cats. Luckily, the recent movement back to fresh food is progressing.

Animal wellness magazine (2022)
Our story

Herman Degols cannot find healthy food for his dog and therefore decides to produce fresh frozen meat himself in Aalst (Belgium). ‘Degols – Cornelis’ is born.


Frankie Degols (son of Herman Degols and Rita Cornelis) is completely convinced of his father's vision and decides to help him -> ‘Degols – Cornelis & son’ is the new name of the company.


‘Degols – Cornelis & son’ becomes ‘Degomeat’.


Nancy Degols, still our passionate & experienced production manager, joins Degomeat. Since that day, brother and sister have formed an inseparable duo for 21 years. At the end of 2022, Nancy became a proud grandmother, but she doesn't plan to stop yet!


Geoffrey joins the business and takes over Frankie's operational duties. It is now his job, together with the Degomeat team, to monitor quality and maintain service for customers.


Degomeat innovates and launches a range of nuggets.

Manufacturing process


The magic of Degomeat begins with our driver Andy (‘Driving force’) when he collects our raw materials from local slaughterhouses every Monday. After a thorough quality check, he brings them to our site in Aalst.


As soon as he arrives, Lukasz (‘Iceman’) comes to his aid to unload the goods and place them in our cold rooms. From this moment, we have everything at our disposal to start the production.


Our production manager Nancy (‘Queen of Degomeat’) makes decisions based on quality and stock levels to determine which recipes are prepared and when.


Nancy receives help from Arsen ('Packaging prince') – Michael ('Production DJ for the meat beats') – Jimmy ('Recipe genius') & Kristof ('Washing rockstar') to create the recipes, fill the meat grinder, wrap them in sausages, stack the boxes on pallets and store them in our freezers.


The freshly produced sausages remain in our freezer (-25C°) for at least 2 nights to ensure complete freezing. This is why our boxes have holes so that air circulates optimally.


After these 2 nights, ‘Iceman’ will place these products into our storage freezer where we have a clear overview of the stock levels of our 72 finished products. Our stock level is based on the following balance: as fresh as possible without shortages for our customers.


Manual (‘Order wizard’) plays an important role in the next step. He processes all orders and ensures that ‘Iceman’ knows which products to collect and ‘Driving Force’ which customers to deliver the next day. If the daily delivery tour becomes too long, we can always count on 'Flexy Kris or Petrousha' to deliver certain orders with our Dego-van.


She tries to help our customers every day by providing training to store staff and demonstrations to end customers. Maaike (‘Spread the word-lady’), our key account manager, works every day to transmit the magic of Degomeat.

You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces – just good food from fresh ingredients

Julia Child - American chef, author and television personality

A passionate team

Spreading our mission, continuing our story and persevering in our promises would not be possible without our fantastic team of ‘Degomeaters’. Each of them has its impact on the creation of our products. If animals could talk, they could thank each team member for their daily work.

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