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More than just food

100% natural and fresh

Our products are entirely natural, without any additives. We only use 100% fresh meat from animals fit for human consumption. The meat is neither steamed nor boiled, so that all the nutrients remain intact.

Locally produced

Our products are 'Handmade in Belgium'. In addition, our fresh raw materials are collected within a radius of 150 km around our company. The meat your dog or cat receives is therefore only defrosted once, which guarantees better taste and quality.

40 years of experience

With over 40 years of experience, we can safely say that we know what we are doing. Our range includes 22 recipes, thanks to this extensive range we also offer an ideal solution for dogs suffering from allergies and/or intolerances

Combine fresh frozen meat with cold-pressed kibble.

  • The digestibility of cold-pressed kibble is very similar to that of fresh meat. This is why Herbafix kibble is an ideal complement to accompany fresh meat from Degomeat.

  • Herbafix kibbles are cold pressed. Unlike classic extruded kibble, the preparation temperature does not exceed 75°C. This has two positive consequences for your dog: on the one hand, the proteins retain more of their nutrients, and on the other hand, the lower temperature ensures easier digestion of these proteins (chicken, salmon, lamb, etc.)

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Feeding guide


The quantity of food is a crucial element in feeding your dog or cat healthily.


This is why we have developed this feeding guide in consultation with veterinarians.